Is It Safe To Use A Pigeon Trap?

If an infestation of pigeons has resulted in birds becoming trapped inside a building it may be necessary to use a pigeon trap to catch and remove the animals. The best trapping method is a multi-catch repeating trap – designed to catch several birds at once. The bird will push its way into the trap in order to reach the food placed inside; the door will then close, preventing escape. The best type of bait to use is corn, seeds, or dry bread. Many people feel slightly squeamish about using any kind of traps when dealing with wild animals, however, pigeons create large amounts of mess that it is unsightly, unhygienic and expensive to deal with – trapping and removing them will, no doubt, save money and stress for the property owner.

In order to successfully trap pigeons it is necessary to first provide a regular food supply – when you have observed pigeons returning to the food supply for several days you should place an open trap on the same spot. At this point, the trap should not be set but should have bait inside and leading up to it so that the birds can continue to find it. After a few days the pigeons will have become accustomed to feeding inside the trap and it can then be set and regularly checked, any pigeons should be humanely removed. This method of trapping is generally very successful and can quickly deal with large numbers of birds.

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